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About Us

AtenTEC is a software, research, and development company based in South Sinai, Egypt. AtenTEC specializes in creating custom software systems for business and operation management. AtenTEC has extensive experience in analyzing and consulting business needs and solving business problems with real software solutions.

AtenTEC name comes from Aten; the sun disc in ancient Egyptian religion, which is a form of Ra, the sun god. Just as Aten gives energy to earth in ancient Egyptian mythology, our solutions also illuminate the business sector and give our customers the power to expand and optimize their business, hence our philosophy. TEC stands for Technologies for Enterprise Content, the domain in which we specialize.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best business management software that helps our partners to have the optimum outcome of their business and maximum return on investment.

Our Vision

To be the leading custom software provider for better and more efficient business management.

Our Values


We dedicate all our resources to solve business challenges, and to find the best solutions.


We believe there is no problem without a proper solution. It is about how we approach the problem.


Integrity and teamwork are the core values driving our decisions.


Taking more details into account leads to more precise solutions.

Why AtenTEC

We understand that you want to invest in new technologies that will boost your profit, by lowering your operational costs or increasing your revenue, or both. That is why we offer software solutions that are tailored and optimized to achieve the best ROI. You invest in software solutions; you save money and earn more. Our main goal is to build a strong and lasting relationship with our customers, promoting partnership relationships and ensuring maximum satisfaction.

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Quality is our benchmark; we deliver the best quality software solutions in business consultation and software development to our partners. We pay attention to all the details, reveal hidden business problems, and provide optimal solutions. The outcome is a user-friendly software solution that covers all aspects of business needs, current and projected growth, business continuity, and ease of use, and expansion plans.

In AtenTEC, various teams collaborate to customize the optimal software solution for our partners. Our standards for hiring team members are very strict and selective, as we look for the highest level of expertise in each field, commitment to work, teamwork ethics and morals.

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In AtenTEC, our teams use the latest released and quality-proven technologies for developing software solutions and systems. We always keep our partners’ software updated with new upgrades that implement new technologies and features. Our developers constantly take updated courses for newly released programming languages and frameworks in major software development domains such as Database Design, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and latest programming languages. AtenTEC also follows the latest published studies for User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) for better and more-usable interfaces.

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Business Consultancy is what distinguishes us in the software development field. In AtenTEC, we deeply analyze and study the partner’s business, to define business challenges, find the best solutions, and then develop software on a rigid foundation of information that provides our partners with success paired with the most achievable outcome of their business.

AtenTEC has a group of best business consultants and developers in various fields. Our team of consultation and developers grows day by day as we always seek talents and professionals and welcome them aboard.


To provide the best fitting and most reliable software solutions for our partners, AtenTEC invests a lot in a deep understanding of the tools we use to create our solutions. Our developers have full authority over the tools and programming language they use during each stage of development. We work hard to leverage the power of the latest frameworks for faster production cycles, while we master the fundamentals of low and mid-level programming languages for full control of what we do.

We use the proven mix of the latest and most trusted and stable technologies, having the following technologies as the core of our creation.

gonodephpPythonjavaflutterSQL-serverGoogle SQLUbuntuKubernetesOpenSUSEDockerg-CloudmongorusthtmlCSSjsangular


Hany Mamdouh, AtenTEC CEO
Hany E. MamdouhCEO
Ahmed Saad, AtenTEC managing director
Ahmed Saad BelalManaging Director
Mamdouh Abdulaziem, AtenTEC CTO
Mamdouh Abdel AzimCTO
Hagar Abd El-Ghany, AtenTEC CMO
Hagar A. GhaniCMO
Mohamad AlMasoudy, AtenTEC COO
Mohamad AlmasoudyCOO
 	Hossam Ahmed, AtenTEC Chief business consultant
Hossam AhmedChief Business Consultant
Mostafa Mahmoud, AtenTEC CBDO.
Mostafa MahmoudCBDO


Amr Effat, AtenTEC software engineer
Amr EffatSoftware Engineer
Doaa Ali, AtenTEC software engineer
Doaa Ali AhmedSoftware Engineer
Ahmed Zaher, AtenTEC software engineer
Ahmed ZaherSoftware Engineer
Ahmed Hisham, AtenTEC software engineer
Ahmed HishamSoftware Engineer
Nada Ahmed Malash, AtenTEC software engineer
Nada MalashSoftware Engineer
Omar AbdElghani, AtenTEC software engineer
Omar AbdElghaniSoftware Engineer
Ahmed Mamdouh, AtenTEC software engineer
Ahmed MamdouhSoftware Engineer
Salwa Sami, AtenTEC software engineer
Salwa SamiSoftware Engineer


AtenTEC the first software and development company in South Sinai.


AtenTEC is the pioneer software and development company in North and South Sinai. One of our main objectives is to fill the gap in the Information Technology business sector in Sinai governorates and offer our partners the best service they deserve.

AtenTEC also is a leader in spreading technology among new generations. We work on raising a new generation with a strong understanding and proper training in software development and Information Technology sectors.

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Situated just 100KM away from Sharm El Shaikh International Airport, our location enables our partners to reach us conveniently either locally or internationally while enjoying their stay in one of the best touristic cities around the world, so they can mix leisure with their business trips and enjoy warm weather and splendid nature of South Sinai.

Sharm El Shaikh is a popular travel destination, hence our partners can enjoy their stay and achieve their business goals.

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Innovation needs a relaxed environment, and we chose South Sinai as our main development facility so our developers can work in a very relaxed and serene environment and away from daily pressures and distractions.

We appreciate developers’ time and efforts, hence giving them chance to work in stress-free environment will lead to more success for our partners and developers.

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HEAD OFFICE: 45 Kambiz st,Dokki, Giza, Egypt

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OFFICE: 18C, Togariah Dist. Al-Tor South Sinai, Egypt