Atum BMS frequently asked questions.

Atum BMS faq

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If your inquiry about the Atum™ BMS is not answered below, email our Experience Team and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

General Questions

Do I need special hardware to use Atum™ BMS?

Atum™ BMS is cloud-based, so all you need are web browser and an Internet connection – no special hardware is needed. Atum™ BMS is available 24/7 and works even on mobile bandwidth connections. Atum™ BMS compatible with most web browsers.

​​What if there is an Internet outage?

Losing your Internet connection will stop you from performing your activities on your system, but you are covered, your last online records are saved automatically.

What languages does Atum™ BMS support?

Atum™ BMS interface is available in English language only for now, while you can enter your records in any language.

Do users have access to all screens and reports?

Atum™ BMS includes Module-Based access control permissions, so administrators can assign users required module access as per business needs.

Is Atum™ BMS secure?

Atum™ BMS works with leading security analysts and performs periodic security audits and testing. Our modules are built on Google Cloud Platform and are compliant with all Google security standards.

What If I face an issue and need support after working hours?

Our built-in learning tools and Help Center are the central points for all questions about system usage. If you need further assistance, our Support Team are available and always ready to help.

Financial Questions

The pandemic has already affected my revenue. Why should I spend money on Atum™ BMS?

Our pricing schemes are designed to provide you with a system that streamlines operations and prevents revenue leakage without unnecessary costs. You can suspend your subscription at any time by contacting your dedicated Experience Manager.

My operations are seasonal. Will I have to spend money on Atum™ BMS all year long?

Not at all, we understand that some businesses only operate during specific times of the year, So, you can suspend your subscription at any time by contacting your dedicated Experience Manager.

I am from a country with a special tax definition. Can I apply this tax in Atum™ BMS?

The Atum™ BMS is very flexible when it comes to tax definitions. Our configuration is highly customizable and adaptable to your needs.

Can I switch between pricing models?

You can change your pricing model after your current subscription expires. For more details, contact your Experience Manager.

onboarding Questions

How long does it take for Atum™ BMS to go live on my property?

Atum™ BMS is a Cloud-Based SaaS, once you subscribe your business unit will be ready for use. In case you have customization plan, our team will discuss deployment plan with you and give you a clear vision on when and how you can start.

How long will it take to complete my training?

Your training can last as long as you want it to! Our comprehensive Help Center comprises interactive guides and videos that are always available through every screen of the system so you can learn at your own pace. These guides walk you through the entire Atum™ BMS system step by step and show you how to start. In addition, your Onboarding Specialist will set up one-on-one follow-up sessions for any questions you may still have.

How long does it take to learn Atum™ BMS?

Most of our new users can master the basics of Atum™ BMS right after completing the 30-minute walkthroughs for each module.

Can I receive my training in person?

Classroom training takes people out of your operations and is more costly and time-consuming – all of which are things our system is designed to eliminate. Instead, our online guides and videos offer all the information you need through hands-on learning. If you have an inquiry that isn’t addressed in the Help Center or FAQs, simply contact your dedicated Experience Manager and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Operations Questions

Does Atum™ BMS have multiple currency options?

We support 165 currencies across our system. You can run accounting module using any currency.

Do you have inventory management?

Easy-to-use Procurement module for an efficient and streamlined set of tools to run any inventory management.

If I want to change a setting in my system, who do I contact?

Our step-by-step learning tools and Help Center combined with your learning sessions with the Onboarding Specialist are designed to empower you so you can update your setup whenever needed. If you need additional assistance, your dedicated Experience Manager is available to support.

I offer packages and activities at my property; will your system help me sell them?

The add-on packages feature in Atum™ BMS enables you to link all your services to cross-sell and up-sell your Sales directly.

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