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Turn Your Software Idea into Reality

Do you have a brilliant software product idea but don’t know how to start?

AtenTEC helps you transform your vision into a real software product. Developing software product is more complex than custom business software. It requires feasibility studies, marketing plans, business modelling, business analysis, Proof of Concept studies for investors, UI prototyping and securing software developers.

AtenTEC offers you a range of services to help you create a successful software product that meets your planned requirements and standards. We also help you with troubleshooting stalled software products and maintaining and upgrading existing software projects.

AtenTEC Business Modelling and AnalysisBusiness Modelling and Analysis

Achieving the highest market share for your product, you need a well-designed business model that is developed in the early stages of your project.

Your business model should be based on a perfect business analysis and consultation that covers your product features, market segments, and scaling plans.

AtenTEC team of business analysts and consultants will assist you in the business modelling stage and provide you with the necessary analysis and consultation to ensure your product’s success in the market. If you have an idea that is still in its infancy, check out AtenTEC consultation service.

AtenTEC Proof of Concept and UI PrototypingProof of Concept and UI Prototyping

Sometimes, you may need to show proof of concept (POC) to secure the necessary investment for your product idea. A POC can convince investors and customers that your idea is feasible and worth pursuing. It can also help you identify and overcome business and technical challenges in the early stages of your project.

AtenTEC with its significant professionals will help you prepare POC and address business and technical challenges for a successful software product.

AtenTEC software Product Maintenance and Upgrades.Product Maintenance and Upgrades

Maintaining and upgrading software, keeping your software up to date and functional is a challenge for any running product. You need to understand the source code and have a team of technical software professionals and programmers to add or improve features within time and cost constraints.

AtenTEC has what you need to maintain and upgrade your running projects with a team of developers and programmers who will work with you to ensure your service quality is at its best.

We will help you with supporting your current product lines, doing the necessary upgrades, assisting your customers and clients, fixing major and minor system bugs and developing new versions and features according to your plans. Contact us today and find out how our service can help you.

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